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Competitive Cheer All Star

Learning how to be a great cheerleader and competing in front of large audiences can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a young girl's life, and a great way to build confidence and self-esteem.

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All Star Competitive Cheer

All Star Competitive Cheer

Majestic Youth Sports Center Competitive Cheerleading All Star classes provide girls with the necessary skills to succeed in the sport, from learning how to do stunts correctly and safely to mastering the tumbling and dance elements of the routine. Through technique drills and conditioning, girls develop the strength and skill to hit difficult stunts, and build the confidence to perform them in front of an audience. Girls learn how to perform and practice as a team, developing important teamwork and leadership skills, and learning the importance of sportsmanship and commitment to one another. In competitive cheerleading classes, girls will build upon the fundamental skills to create an amazing routine that will wow any crowd.

All Star Competitive Cheer

Competitive cheerleading classes are designed with the goal of teaching the fundamentals of cheerleading, while also preparing groups of athletes to compete in cheerleading competitions.

All Star Competitive Cheer
Learn Cheer Skills

Majestic provides an environment of encouragement and support, allowing girls to find and develop their own style, while having fun and making friends.

All Star Competitive Cheer
Festive / Fun

MYSC Cheer focuses on the celebration of spirit and the enjoyment of movement, dance, and tumbling while learning basic skills and techniques.

All Star Competitive Cheer

Competitive cheerleading teaches the ability to work well with the other cheerleaders in order to execute complex stunts and routines

MYSC All Star Competitive Cheer Teams

Majestic Sparkles
Majestic Divas
Majestic Magic
Majestic Majesties
Majestic Royals

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